Conf. Pintea Cornel-Orar

Consultaii Vineri 10-12 (Office Hours Friday 10-12)

Geometrie afina-Fisa disciplinei (Matematica) - Fisa disciplinei (Matematica-Informatica)

Matematica si Matematica-Informatica Anul I     

  • Saptamanile 1-14
  • Protocol-Examen partial 06.04.2021                
  • Cursurile si seminariile se desfasoara online pe MS Teams. Cod acces: z0oxnx7
  • Platforma de backup este Zoom
  • Examenul partial de Geometrie Afina in saptamana a -7-a.
  • Examen final scris in saptamana 14                                                  

Formula de calcul a notei finale este:

max{0.4xF+0.6E,E}, unde F=min{10,max{0.5x(P+S),P}}, iar

P=nota obtinuta la examenul partial, S=2x(nr. puncte obtinute pentru activitatea de la seminar)

E=nota obtinuta la examenul final

Pentru o problema rezolvata corect la seminar se vor acorda 2,3 sau 5 puncte,

in functie de gradul de dificultate al problemei.

Daca E < 5 sau F  < 5, atunci examenul este nepromovat

Algebraic Topology -Syllabus - Timetable

Weeks 1-2

  • Lectures and tutorials will be held online on MS Teams in the General channel of the team Algebraic Topology 2021
  • The backup platform is Zoom

Analytic Geometry - Syllabus

     Weeks 1-8                  

  • Lectures and tutorials online on MS Teams
  • The backup platform is Zoom
  • There will be a Midterm Exam in the week 8
  • The final exam in Final Examwill be in the week 8

The final grade will be computed according to the following formula:

max{0.4xF+0.6E,E}, where F=max{0.5x(Q+T),Q} and

Q=the grade at the midterm exam, T=2x(no. points obtained for your activity at tutorials)

E=the grade obtained at the final exam

If F<5, then the midterm exam might be repeated during the final exam.

For a correctly solved problem at the tutorial one gets 2, 3 or 5 points, taking into account

the complexity degree of the problem.

If F < 5 or E < 5, then the exam is failed

Differential Geometry of curves and surfaces-Syllabus

(for second year students in Mathematics and Computer Sciences)

Weeks 1-14        Weeks 1-14 - for advanced printing