An Integrator for our Solar System

by Stefan Berinde

Current version: May 2001





SolSyIn (Solar System Integrator) package is a collection of programs for manipulating dynamical systems of bodies (especially related to our Solar System). Firstly, it is a numerical integrator for a system of bodies (up to 10,000) moving in gravitational (newtonian/relativistic) and radiative field, using Radau-Everhart 15th order algorithm which is optimized for accurately handling close encounters. It is also a graphic displayer of the integrated systems, a checker of accuracy and data browser, a system maker in various configurations (including real bodies taken from professional catalogs), a table maker with various orbital quantities (rectangular coordinates, keplerian and equinoctial orbital elements, mutual distances between bodies and orbits, resonance's arguments, coordinates in target plane, etc) and, finally, a plotter of all these parameters in 2D and 3D graphs (with the help of GnuPlot library). It can be used in research activities but also as an educational tool.

Comprehensive information can be found in the online manual. There are also listed some useful links and information about various catalogs that SolSyIn can understand and use.

Several examples are given, for illustrating some SolSyIn capabilities.

In the download section you will find the standard distribution of the package and auxiliary catalogs. A postscript version of the manuals (both English and Romanian) is also available,

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed!


You have here the following options for download: (0.4 Mb-zip archive) - Standard SolSyIn distribution for DOS (version May 2001). Please start reading the file 'readme.txt' located in 'Doc' directory. (2.9 Mb-zip archive) - Full version of the catalogs used by package (optional). Please read the file 'catalogs.txt' for the content of the archive. This archive upgrades the short version of the catalogs from the standard distribution. I am not the owner of these catalogs! Please read the manual for more details and instructions how to update them. (0.2 Mb-zip archive) - A postscript version of the manuals (for printing).

Last change on June 1st, 2001.