Meteo Cube

Copyright (c) 2013, Stefan Berinde

Welcome to Meteo Cube home page!

This cube is a sticker variation of the classical Rubik's Cube. It allows to display simultaneously several meteorological parameters on a selected face by rotating and twisting some parts of the cube. Use the cube as a weather station and create your own daily weather forecast! An example below.

Weather forecast for Cluj-Napoca
(unspecified date)

Temp. min: +10° C
Temp. max: +20° C
Sky conditions: sunny & spotty rain
Precip. probability: 25%
Wind: light from NW

You can play with this cube online, or you can build yourself a physical cube using the provided layout. The whole range of weather parameters are described at the bottom. Enjoy the weather and make good forecasts!

Virtual cube

In the following applet use the mouse to rotate the cube and perform movements. This applet is copyrighted Werner Randelshofer.

It is also possible to encode a meteo forecast in a link and send it to a friend:

The sequence of moves for a given forecast can be obtained using a more elaborate applet found at Virtual Cubes site. That applet uses a slightly different layout of the cube, but it is entirely compatible. Notation is described in Superset ENG 3x3.

Physical cube

Scale the following image and print it on a blank cube if you want to play real.

Here is an image of a physical cube.

Weather parameters

Ranges of weather parameters are suitable for a temperate climate in daytime.

Minimum temperature is in the range of -15°C to +20°C (with an increment of 5°).

around -15°
or less
around -10° around -5° around 0° around +5° around +10° around +15° around +20°
or higher

Maximum temperature is in the range of -15°C to +30°C (with an increment of 5°).

around -15°
or less
around -10° around -5° around 0° around +5° around +10° around +15° around +20° around +25° around +30°
or higher

Sky conditions are presented with the following pictograms. These are copyrighted meteoblue AG.

sunny partly cloudy mostly cloudy cloudy sunny &
spotty rain
cloudy &
light rain
cloudy &
heavy rain
sunny &
spotty t-storms
heavy t-storms fog cloudy &
sunny &
spotty snow
cloudy &
light snow
cloudy &
heavy snow

Precipitation probability is in the range of 0% to 100% (with an increment of 25%).

around 0% around 25% around 50% around 75% around 100% no data

Wind strength and direction are presented below. There are 8 possible directions to be set (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW).

no wind
(< 5 km/h)
light wind
(5 - 30 km/h)
strong wind
(> 30 km/h)
no data

Please customize this label with your location.


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