Asist. drd. Tudor Micu

Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Research interests (to be made precise at a later date): arithmetic geometry (models of algebraic curves over local fields), algebraic geometry, number theory.

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For my students

2017-2018, 2nd Semester

Office hours: Monday 13-14 and Thursday 13-14 - ROOM 320 (faculty lounge, 3rd floor of the building on "Avram Iancu" street);


For Geometry and Geometrie Afina: if you have attended a certain class with a different group than the one you were initially assigned to, it might be that your attendance and/or activity was noted in the table pertaining to that group. Check the tables at

If you find that some of your activity points are missing or have been misattributed, let me know during the following exercise session.


The Geometry class with group 917 has been permanently moved from Friday, 12-14, A308 to Wednesday, 14-16, A313.