I am a doctoral student at the Faculty of computer science and mathematics of the UBB Cluj-Napoca under supervision of Prof. Septimiu Crivei. My interests are as widespread as they can be, but I try my best to understand them.

Research directions (including their "Mathematics Subject Classification"):

I have also a personal website where you can find with more information on my favorite subjects:

(Still in construction, sorry!)

More info on my previous work is listed on my OrcidID


Feel free to contact me over the faculty address

My reply mails are signed with an OpenPGP key.

Teaching assistance

Semester Course
WS 2019-2020 Criptografie cu cheie publica (Prof. Crivei)
SS 2020 Algebra II (Mate-Info) (Prof. Crivei)
WS 2020-2021 Criptografie cu cheie publica (Prof. Crivei)
Algebra pentru fizicieni (Prof. Marcus)
SS 2021 Sisteme dinamice (Laborator) (Prof. Șerban)
WS 2021-2022 Criptografie cu cheie publica (Prof. Crivei)
SS 2022 Dynamical systems (Prof. Buica)


Magyarul beszélsz? Ha spanyolt tanulsz, akkor a tandemot csinálhatjuk; üzenj! This sentence ist most probably wrong, and I am not even able to say why it is wrong. Nevermind, I tried to learn Hungarian but got only very, very short of my own expectations, so I will stick instead to the commutative algebra. (But I am still open for the tandem!)

Where are the tortillas?

Certainly none in Cluj... But I have something better to offer: a podcast about changing the mathematical community to make it a place where everybody can feel treasured and thrive - independent of skin color, language, religion, gender or country of birth. Of course, I am talking about Mathematically Uncensored, so go and give them a listen, because they have many things to say which need to be said.